Bryan Barger
I'm a self- taught CG artist with a formal training in Graphic Design. I honed my craft as the Design Director for a brand consultancy, where I had the privilege of leading a talented team of designers through the full spectrum of multi-media creation and implementation. The nature of our work and the desire to maintain a lean team exposed me to constantly shifting paradigms of new media and technology and forced me to rapidly embrace new disciplines and techniques including computer-generated imagery and animation. The process afforded me a diverse skillset and a love for visual storytelling.
In 2016, I founded my own studio to fully focus on my passion for CGI and Motion Design. I felt there was a unique opportunity for me leverage my understanding of design systems and brand strategy and combine it with the ability to generate imagery and animation to create content that aligns with and supports the overarching goals of a brand’s marketing efforts. This combination allows me to offer my clients a comprehensive solution to tell their story across all forms of media. I have since had the sincere pleasure to have have played a part of so many successful projects for brands big and small, while working with some of the most inspiring creative teams and individuals I have ever known.
My interests are not limited to my own studio. I believe that the best work is achieved through collaboration, and I am eager to join forces with like-minded professionals to create truly impactful and engaging content. So, whether you are an individual or an agency,  if you are looking for a collaborator who is passionate about delivering exceptional results, then I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can work together to take us both to the next level.
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